# Notifications

Notifications in Sequence keep you and your team in the loop about discussions happening in your project.

Currently, notifications are sent to the email associated with your Sequence account. (Later, notification channels will be expanded to support services like Slack, etc. If you have specific notification channels you want to see, submit a feature request)

Notifications are scoped to a project-by-project basis, so any changes you make to notification preferences will only apply to the project you are working in.

# Comment Notification Preferences

By default, you will receive notifications about all comments in projects created by you or that you are invited to. To change this, click on the three lines in the upper-right corner of the commenting panel to see the options:

  • All Comments: You will be notified of all comments and replies left by collaborators in a project
  • Mentions and Replies: You will only be notified about replies left to your comment, replies to a conversation you've participated in, or direct mentions.
  • None: You will not receive any notifications for comments in this project.

Notification Preferences
Notification Preferences